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So excited to share this with everyone.

I was asked to co-curate @imposemagazine’s Week in Pop! I wanted to put the spotlight on lots of friends who I’ve really been listening to lately.

It includes songs from friends like TV Girl, Big Sigh, RUMTUM, Frugal Father, Fantasticfantastic, Andrea Balency, Panther Martin, Brothertiger, Psychedelic Black Metal, A Sol Mechanic, Lemon Future, Magic Sword, Noah Hyde, StaG, Larry Gus, Tony Kus, Kazmier, Shades, Cuddle Formation, Emily Reo, Young Pharaohs, & Real Cosby.

Also tried to get links/names in there for friends like Shoeboxx Recordings, Chrome Sparks, DIRTY//CLEAN, Stereocure, Keats//Collective, Rollergirl, Ernst Jr., tuuwa, Pierpoint, Flamingosis, Dinosaurus Rex, KEV//BOT, Marilyn Baker, HUG Records, Holy Underground, Rose quartz, Alex Anderson, Spazzkid, SVNSET WAVES, & Treefort Music Fest.

So happy to involved with such an amazing community of friends/artists/creators/people/aliens/whatever you are.

Lots of <3 and bodhicitta!!!

Made this song today, thought I’d share since I have been keeping most of my work quiet lately. Just an experiment into some Lo-Fi stuff.

Click the link in my bio to go to my bandcamp to listen/download.

I just saw the downfall of man,
And I just saw Jesus & The Devil make amends.

I wont forsake the sins of the past,
So I wont make a deal with the Devil so fast.


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